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Werder Bremen in the live feed against 1. FC Union Berlin: all the goals, news and information – it’s all in the live feed of the DeichStube. The current score is 0:0.

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1. Bottom Line: The Werder Begins and the Game Begins!

8:29 PM: We do not want misappropriation: this is Bastien Dankert. On the sides are René Roud and Marcel Unger. The fourth official is Arne Arnink. In Cologne, Soren Storks and his assistant Christian Fischer are closely watching how the team is doing.

8:28 PM: Teams enter the field. He’s only a few seconds away from kick-off.

8:25 PM: It will start soon. Weser Stadium is almost sold out, and there are still visible gaps in the guesthouse. No wonder, with good traffic, it takes four hours to drive from Berlin to Bremen. It’s a week long trip.

Werder Bremen vs 1. FC Union Berlin in live tape – Clemens Fritz: “We want to show a different face”

8:22 PM: And Fritz has more to say: The players have been very self-critical – with knowledge gained – “We know what we need to do better today.” The changes should not be understood as a pause for reflection for the ousted Gross and Vilkovich, as according to Fritz it is possible that it is not a matter of “looking for someone to blame”. Pieper was preferred over Veljkovic due to his fitness, and the sporting director confirmed his presence and header.

8:19 PM: Sporting director Clemens Fritz answers questions on the Sky microphone: The only positive thing about the 7-1 defeat in Cologne on Saturday is that you don’t have to wait until the next game. The team was self-critical. “We want to show a different face today,” he promises.

8:15 PM: So far, striker Sheraldo Becker has played a huge role in Al Ittihad’s high flight. He has scored eight goals so far this season. However, Niklas Volkrog is better with his eleven goals.

8:03 PM: Opposites meet at the Weser Stadium, because Union has conceded only 21 goals so far, after Bayern (16) and Wolfsburg (20) the least in the league – without 0: 5 against Leverkusen they will have the best defense in the league. On the other hand, Werder has conceded 15 goals in the past three matches alone. With 34 goals conceded, the Whites are only ahead of VfL Bochum (37) and FC Schalke (41). Both are inconspicuous up front, with Werder scoring 26 fewer goals than Union.

7.55pm: Werder, on the other hand, has to look down. Nine points separate the Werner and Union teams. With 21 points, Bremen are in 12th place. Werder has yet to face severe relegation problems. But the team still has to collect some points in order to stay that way.

7:52 PM: And now the promised look at the board: despite a recent drop in revenue, Al-Ittihad is still in fourth place and may even qualify for the Champions League. However, the distance to seventh place, which she no longer plays for at the national level, is only a minuscule point. The BVB currently plays in Mainz and can still pass the union. She is currently 1:1 there.

7:49 PM: On the other hand, Al-Ittihad is going through an unexpectedly good season, but it has only gained four points from its last four matches. Let’s take a look at the table in a moment. With a 3-1 home win over Hoffenheim, the capital’s small negative run has been stopped for the time being.

7:46 PM: In any case, the trend is not speaking for Werder: She has lost all three of her last matches. At 1:6 in Munich and the last time at 1:7 in Cologne, there was a standing ovation. It was closer in the 1-2 loss at home to Leipzig, but zero points is zero points. The last win was 2:1 against Schalke 04 in early November.

7:42 PM: Urs Fischer made three changes. He put his trust in Leite, Juranovic and Bremen-born Kevin Behrens, who came off the bench in the 3-1 win over Hoffenheim at the weekend or wasn’t even in the squad. Behrens played for Werder in his youth and early men’s years, but only made it to the third team. This was followed by a jump into the Bundesliga for late champions via SV Wilhelmshaven, Hannover 96 II, Alemannia Aachen, Rot-Weiss Essen, FC Saarbrücken and finally SV Sandhausen.

7:38 PM: We look at discount today. Union Berlin plays Rönnow – Leite, Doekhi, Knoche – Juranovic, Haberer, Khedira, Haraguchi, Gießelmann – Becker and Behrens. Coach Urs Fischer has Grill (ET), Jaeckel, Michel, Schäfer, Seguin, Roussillon, Trimmel, Leweling and Siebatcheu up his sleeve.

Werder Bremen in live tape vs 1. FC Union Berlin: This is what Werder’s starting eleven looks like

7:26 PM: We have to fill out a lottery ticket today! The Deichstuben oracle was right, playing Pieper and Gruev instead of Veljkovic and Groß.

7:22pm: Werder’s lineup is here! Ole Werner starts like this: Pavlenka – Pieper, Stark, Friedl-Weiser, Gruev, Jung – Bittencourt, Schmidt – Füllkrug, Ducksch. The first places off the bench are Zetterer (ET), Velkovic, Buchanan, Groß, Chiarodia, Stage, Burke, Mbom and Dinkci.

7:14 PM: everything is possible. We expect two changes for Cologne’s game: Theater can be given preference over Christian Gross, which means that Groev will vacate his position and take Gross’ place. In addition, Pieper can replace Vilkovich in the starting line-up. Perhaps Uli Werner will also surprise us. Like I said: anything is possible.

7:04 PM: Moin, Moin from the good Deichstube! Tonight, SV Werder Bremen hosts 1. FC Union Berlin in their first Bundesliga home match at the Weser-Stadium! We expect lineups in 25 minutes, and until then we can still speculate a bit about how Werder coach Uli Werner will react to SVW’s recent 1:7 debacle in Cologne.

Bremen – SV Werder Bremen I am Live-Ticker (live ticker) against 1. FC Union Berlin: starting at Wohninvest Weser stadium 8:30 p.m live tape It starts here around 7.30pm Starting XI formations Both teams. All goals, news and information can be found here – all in the live feed DeichStube.

Werder Bremen vs 1. FC Union Berlin – Preliminary Report:

Realism and more combat: Werder Bremen wants to get on the curve against fearless opponent Union Berlin of all things

the SV Werder Bremen It plays at the end of the first half of the Bundesliga season on Wednesdays (8:30 p.m., DeichStube live tape) Opposite Union Berlin – and he has something to make up for. DeichStube preliminary report.

The chants of praise were multifaceted. Whenever a professional or person responsible for SV Werder Bremen Given the opportunity to do so in the past few months, the exceptional cohesion of the team has been underlined. The impression quickly grew that there was a special, unique structure, which was fighting for points for the green and white every week. Well, fighting has been a thing lately, in Cologne, as is well known, the Bremen team acted completely disembodied. This was before the first leg vs Union Berlin (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. /DeichStube-Livesticker) also affected the indoor climate. Not the first time, as can be heard. As Uli Werner admitted on Tuesday: “I wouldn’t say that everything is always great during the season.”

Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin in the live tape: a decisive tackle for a disaster 1: 7 in Cologne

Loud announcements in all directions are now part of Osterdeich’s daily sporting life, which became evident at least from last year’s Werder documentary. It only becomes a problem when the results are incorrect and the loud sounds sometimes produce some dissonance. Then dissatisfaction between one player or another creeps on and off the field, and suddenly the much-vaunted loneliness, considered the key to success, threatens to collapse. Currently seeing the head coach Ollie Werner Not that dangerous. “We, and this is very much what defines us, are always very critical in our dealings with each other. You handle things clearly, you resolve conflicts,” said the 34-year-old. SV Werder Bremen. “And that’s more Pulling the negative stuff out of a game you lost 7-1, than a game you might have won, makes sense. However, dealing with it is no different.”

We’ve been talking since Saturday night Werder Bremen A lot of. And later, he tormented through a creepy 90 minutes again. Werner’s realization, as painful as it was to be expected: “We can’t play the game again, we can only draw our own conclusions from it.” What honors all involved: They recently addressed shortcomings publicly and not only analyzed them internally. Nobody speaks kindly or turns away, finger in the wound. Sincere words must now be followed by deeds. Werner emphasized before the match against him: “You have to process things, draw your own conclusions, and then look forward.” Union Berlin. “It’s something we’ve done very well as a group so far and it’s a very pivotal task for us this season.” A task that has been basically overhauled since the spring of last year. Even the date can be precisely determined: May 15, 2022. Ascension Day. “Since the final whistle of the match against Jahn Regensburg you know what it’s about,” he assured Ollie WernerTo which he responded to some outside observers: “Whoever is surprised that we will go through difficult stages does not know what we are doing here.”

already read? All information about the starting line-up of Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin!

Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin in live tape: Fear opponents come to a close in the first half of the Bundesliga season

However, the severity with which this setback came in the Rhineland took on a special dimension. This is one of the reasons why the mood around Weser Stadium is currently cold as the weather. The desire for a speedy recovery is great – but is it realistic? With Union Berlin The opponent comes to visit, which has not been good for the Bremen team so far. The duel has happened twice so far Werder Bremen At home, both times there was no own goal and a 0: 2 defeat. Now the Capitals have become much more advanced in their development, they are currently in third place in the table and are perhaps something like the strongest team in the entire Bundesliga.

Of course you know all of that Ollie Werner. Of course, he and his coaching staff meticulously prepared for the upcoming opponent – and above all honed his sense of performance. “You can’t make the mistake of throwing away everything that made you stand out in the moments when things didn’t go so well,” he explained. „Wir sind gut beraten, den Blick auf uns zu haben, ganz genau zu wissen, was wir können und das dann auch herauszukehren.” Helfen soll dabei, nicht zu sehr an das kürzlich Erlebte zu denken, sondern an das, was da noch kommen Could you. “It’s important for us to look ahead. With all the negativity right now, you still have to figure out where you’re coming from and what the situation is,” student coach SV Werder Bremen Before the match vs Union Berlin. “If we play well against Al-Ittihad and score three points, we can get 24 points from the match first round he goes. That should be enough motivation for all of us in the field to beat the gas. (mbü) already read? Fans can watch the Bundesliga match Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin live on TV and in a live stream!

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