Werder Bremen lineup: Is this the starting lineup against Union Berlin?!

SV Werder Bremen plays on the 17th Bundesliga match day against 1. FC Union Berlin. This is what the starting line-up of Werder coach Uli Werner could look like.

Bremen – At least a few smiling mouths can be seen. Defender Niklas Starck walked the last few meters to the training ground as happily as his coach Ollie Werner. Otherwise, the object of specialists in SV Werder Bremen But above all one thing: absolute focus. The players appeared in public for about half an hour on Tuesday morning, completing some warm-up exercises and the mandatory pentathlon as well as a fun little court interval. Werner then ordered his team back to the Weser Stadium, where preparations were behind closed doors for the hosting final round vs Union Berlin (Wednesday, 8.30pm, DeichStube live) dealt with. But which one Starting XI lineup Will the coach trust you?

Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin lineup: Does Jens Stage get another chance in the starting line-up?

In terms of staff, Werder Bremen Nothing has changed compared to last weekend. Romano Schmid is still missing with a knee ligament injury, and Felix Ajo is out with a patellar tendon problem. Otherwise, the entire Bremen team was on the field on Tuesday, which at least theoretically provides the coaching team with a chance against. Union Berlin Some changes in starting from eleven to do. However, alternatives haven’t exactly come to the fore yet. But there is. Midfielder Janes stage For example, he went to work very quickly with the final unit, and thus did some self-promotion. Did you help? In principle, his physical style of play might be useful against the Berliners, but he has rarely invoked this quality until now. If the Dane still gets to hold the eight in Lined upThat should start a little domino effect. The powerful Ilia Groev could return to sixth, while Christian Gross will be on the bench.

Werder Bremen starting in the 11th against Union Berlin: Will Oli Werner change the attack?

There is also the opportunity to exchange in the defensive series. Recently, Niklas Stark has started alongside Milos Veljkovic and captain Marco Friedel. With Amos Pepper However, one player hopes to return to the last row, having already shown several good games there this season. So it is very likely that Stark will have to concede again. And otherwise? Anything else that happens when you attack? Niclas Füllkrug is in front, but Marvin Ducksch is by no means untouchable. With Oliver Burke, Erin Dinci, and maybe even Niklas Schmidt, there are three new forces Ollie Werner can lead to this situation. But boss SV Werder Bremen He already declared that he only wanted to act if it made explicit sense to do so.

“It’s not about putting up any signs now. That would be an act we don’t like and it won’t get us anywhere.” “For us, it’s about putting the best possible team on the field.” Lined up will be in Werder Bremen Opposite Union Berlin In any case, that may have made Werner look through in a somewhat shaky manner – since he had advocated for the potential changes up front. If one of the players from the last game is not in starting from eleven Not that it was his fault we lost 7-1 in Cologne.” (mbü) Have you read it? Fans can watch the Bundesliga match Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin live on TV and in a live stream!

This is what the starting line-up for Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin could look like.

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