What exactly is Coquette’s aesthetic taking over the internet right now?

Aesthetic coquettishness

Smashing the coquette aestheticDesigned by Ying Chen

You’re scrolling through TikTok in the morning before getting out of bed to get ready for school (a daily struggle, tbh) when you see “✨How to Get the Coquette Aesthetic✨” flashing across your screen in pink, glittery letters. If you’re wondering if you’ve stumbled upon what could be the internet’s newest aesthetic favorite, the answer is, “Yes!”

While it may seem like the Internet is magically popping new trends out of nowhere, some of these “cores” aesthetics (such as jockcore or the “clean girl” aesthetic) are actually just pre-existing styles and subcultures that have been around for a long time and have recently been regrouped with specific names. Each one aims to help you put words to the vague vibes you actually love but don’t always know how to define, like the lacy look and hyper-feminineness that’s been around for years and was recently redefined as the coquette look.

If the sugar-sweet, feminine style is the vibe you’ve heard your friends talk about and you’re curious to find out more, we’re about to tell you what exactly the coquette aesthetic is, where the name came from, and how to shop it, ASAP.

What is Coquette’s aesthetic?

Frills, lace, bows, hearts, and ribbon (excess!) are all part of the coquette look. The aesthetic is about embracing and indulging in all things romantic and pretty, like lace, pom poms, blush, pretty hair accessories, and pastel colors. The coquette aesthetic is sometimes associated with the Soft Girl look, which emphasizes a slow lifestyle, as well as ballet, which relies on dancewear and rehearsals.

A celebrity is often credited with helping shape the musical styles of the coquette aesthetic – Lana Del Rey words from her 2012 album born to die I became basically coquettish. The indie singer’s name was dropped in a TikTok circulating audio saying “This is Lana Del Rey Vinyl” in reference to the ultra-feminine or coquette stuff.

It is important to note that the coquette was inspired by the Lolita look, a Japanese subculture of people who enjoyed dressing up in the Victorian and Rococo eras named after lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. These related aesthetics have been criticized, but the coquette look is ultimately about embracing beauty, love, and grace in your aesthetic choices and lifestyle.

Where does the name “coquette” come from?

The Oxford dictionary defines the word coquette as “a woman who flirts”. You may have heard someone described as coquettish, or acting like a coquette. But don’t worry, you don’t need to check out a file The best flirting tips In order to embrace the “Lana Del Rey Vinyl” romantic aesthetic. The coquette look now simply refers to the light, feminine patterns often associated with love, such as pearl necklaces, heart prints, and cut flowers.

How to dress like a coquette?

The dressing aesthetic includes classic “girly” pieces like hair bows, lace dresses, sheer stockings, baby T-shirts, floral embroidery, and delicate earmuffs. You’ll also see people wearing knit sets, chokers with pearls, cotton shirts, nonchalant cardigans, fuzzy hats, and mini skirts in pink, cream, or other neutral tones. If the outfit includes soft and cute items with totally adorable accessories, you’re on the right track.

Where can I shop Coquette beauty?

Now that you’ve figured out the coquette look, here are some of our favorite pieces to help you incorporate some styles into your own wardrobe.

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