What is the best way to switch from Android to iPhone?

Switch from Android to android Or who Iphone On the iPhone it’s fairly simple and pretty much solved well: content, settings, and apps can be easily transferred from the old phone to the new one.

It gets more difficult and complicated when switching between worlds. Switch from one Android phone on iPhone It was created by launch Move-to-iOS app A little easier though. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind so that the switch doesn’t end up in frustration.

before you start

To be able to move content using the “Move-to-iOS” app, app from Google Play Store They are installed on the Android phone. Internet connection is not strictly necessary, but WLAN must be active.

very important: The new iPhone should not be set up yet. This means that it must be reset to factory settings or out of the box.

If you’ve already set up an iPhone and might want to transfer more content, the “Move-to-iOS” app can’t be used. It’s almost part of it setup processwhich l later in time It can no longer start.

Select the content you want to take with you

If you start on the new iPhone, a file will be created Setup action Eventually you get to the point whereTransfer data from AndroidAfter selecting this menu item, a Code an offer, which you then enter on your Android phone. Both devices should now be connected to each other via WiFi hotspot.

Then can those contents It is selected that you want to transfer to the new iPhone. You can choose from:

  • newsletter
  • Contact
  • Calendar
  • accounts
  • camera pictures
  • The WhatsApp
  • settings
  • files

The focus here is onThe WhatsApp“In addition to”newsletterThis is because other content is also theoretically related to Zipper Or otherwise transfer it from iOS to Android. For WhatsApp and SMS messages, this is the The only optionTo transfer content from Android phone to iPhone.

from him Signal-Chats app You want to move from Android to iOS, He will be disappointed. Signal is currently offering and is No wayTo transfer content from Android phone to iPhone.

What about applications?

even if you were”AppsIt is not possible to select the content to transfer directly, the apps are automatically transferred to the new iPhone – but only partially.

Free appswho also chat Apple App Store They can be found transferred, but in some cases the download will have to be started manually. Not transferable Paid applications In addition to the content and settings and dataand located directly in the applications.

Don’t expect too much

If you have now selected all the content and the transmission has started then it will be patience Requested. Depending on how much you want to take your new iPhone with you, the data migration could take several hours.

Once you transfer the content, you mustIn your iPhone ready to use Expect, which is a reflection of your old android phone.

Will be The most important data They move from one ecosystem to another. However, since the two operating systems are very different in some aspects, you can still use them on your iPhone. Many things Prepare yourself Must.

Trick to transfer WhatsApp afterwards

When I went through the migration process with Move-to-iOS, the following occurred to me: I wanted to start setup Leave some time And use your new iPhone for daily use only when all applications are configured.

So I transfer a file WhatsApp data They are not implemented immediately using the “Move-to-iOS” app. I wanted this for one later in time repeat. Only after setting up all the apps on my new iPhone did I realize that the Subsequent transfer of WhatsApp data is not possible.

What now? In search of opportunities one inevitably stumbles Third party applications, which promises to transfer WhatsApp between Android and iOS. But it soon turns out that not all of these apps work — not even the paid Pro versions. So: Stay away from such apps!

Unfortunately, most of these transfer apps cannot deliver on their promises

Only then am I in one the solution that encountered WhatsApp content transfer trick leaves, so that it also becomes one later in time He gets his chats from Android to iOS.

Here’s how it works

So you have more or less Complete iPhone setup, only WhatsApp has not moved yet. The first thing you make of this iPhone is A full backup in that one in iCloud deposited. Of course, you have to sign in to iCloud for this.

Then you set it iPhone to its factory settings Go back and start the setup process from scratch. You can access Move-to-iOS app backwards and thus transferred WhatsApp content for the new iPhone. Migrating additional content isn’t necessary for this trick — you’ve already stored all the necessary data in your iCloud backup anyway.

Once the new setup process is up and running, you open it up The WhatsApp and entries Support Go to: Settings – Chats – Chat backup – Back up now. Now you have yours WhatsApp content on iCloud They have been moved and can be recovered from there at any time using any iPhone.

How to backup WhatsApp chats on iOS

WhatsApp needs to move to iCloud

Then you have to get the new iPhone Return to factory settings Reset to default. When you set up again, you no longer need the Move-to-iOS app. Instead, during the setup process, select “Restore from iCloud backup“.

Once your iOS backup has been imported, your iPhone should look like it did before the first reset: all apps configured, all content available.

Now you can Open WhatsApp And register there. During this, the messenger app should recognize that the Backup WhatsApp to iCloud Available. This should be back up now repair And voila… all of your WhatsApp chats are there.

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