“Which product has a better use than its intended function?” (40 answers)

Did you know that Play-Doh was It was originally created As a putty to help clean the soot-covered walls of 1933? Made obsolete with the invention of vinyl wallpaper, it was rebranded as the fun modeling clay we know and love today. And did you know that Viagra was like that Sold out for the first time As a blood pressure lowering drug, used to treat symptoms of heart disease such as high blood pressure and angina? It’s only been a few years since their marketing team zeroed in on a side effect male test subjects were experiencing in their clinical trials…even Coca Cola was Sold out for the first time As a way to counter morphine addiction, with its original formula containing coca leaf extract (the same plant used to make cocaine).

Sometimes, what the product is marketed for doesn’t actually live up to the full potential of the item. In fact, this may be the case with many of the things you own, according to This topic on Reddit where consumers shared their cool and innovative ways to use everyday products. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the more innovative functions of these items, which are even better than their originally intended purposes, to help you become a smarter panda with your purchase. Be sure to upvote answers you agree with or share ideas you plan to try, then if you like check out other answers Panda boredom An article on genius ways to use items you may already own, find this here!

Royal Dansk tins as sewing supplies. It seems universal, every person I’ve talked to, every race, age, culture — they all know it. amazing.

Roasted hazelnuts And 2ezyo a report

I was an army doctor.

Tampons were part of the usual field trauma kit because they were ideal for quickly sealing gunshot wounds.

MyhandsOnline.com And Eric E Castro a report

The Daily Mail is excellent for house training puppies.

Varsity a report

Bluetooth speakers. I bought one once for the purpose of listening to music, but then when I realized how small it was, it pretty much became one of my favorite tools for office pranks and pranks:

* Record a co-worker’s desk phone ringing, put the handset behind their phone, and then start playing the ringtone on it
* Electronic Whoopie Pillow
* Hide them inconspicuously in an otherwise open area, then play a whispered “Hey, look here” sound as people walk by – great for people who believe in ghosts!
* If someone closes the door normally, hide them as close to the door as possible, and then play the knocking sounds
* Hide it in a cubicle/office and just play random and loud sound effects

Pancake_Name And Nicholas J Leclercq a report

“water pipes”

Throughout the smoke shop, there are signs stating that all glass products are “For Tobacco Use Only”. However, I find it works better for smoking marijuana than for tobacco. Who knows?

Noisy a report

Aluminum foil. People use it to wrap food while they can use it to make missiles, electromagnets, and hats that prevent the government from controlling your mind.

Immediately And David (Dafoe) Smith a report

Hair conditioner works better as a shaving foam than some brands of shaving foam.

Escaragor a report

Listerine was used as a surgical antiseptic when it was first invented and is now a mouthwash.

Noisy And Mike Mozart a report

I always keep nail clippers in my purse because I can use them to cut my SO. many. Things. Little plastic labels on new clothes, zip ties, or even yarn for when you want to knit on a plane and don’t let you get scissors!

SwingGirlAtHeart And Bradley Gordon a report

I’ve noticed that upvote/downvote buttons have a lot more use as “like this”/”F**k you” buttons than they do as a rating for the relevance of the content they were created for

noisy And CottonPro Studio a report

Melamine Foam, AKA Magic Eraser Sponge, and Mr. Clean Magic Sponge.

Melamine foam was originally used as pipe insulation and soundproofing but was later discovered to clean surfaces like magic!

dkcs And Trevor Cox a report

Dawn dish soap. This a**t gets nothing. Also, if you wash your car with it in water when the bugs hit your windshield for the first week or so, it bounces off like rain x

Cotton Candy Tacos a report

Barbie doll legs. They were a great scratcher for my itchy legs when I had a cast on them. Her arch was perfect.

Immediately a report

Two things. Adhesive tape and a bundle of threads.

Add wd40 into the mix and you can fix almost everything.

It’s more than 9000 a report

toothpaste. It can be used to repair plastic problems. Most notably, it can be used on headlight lenses as an abrasive to remove the yellowing effect that occurs to car headlights over time. It can also be used to sand out scratches from CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs. If you have a Formica countertop with a stain, a whitening toothpaste can be used to buff the stain.

putsch80 a report

I use a metal tooth tool in my pill openers. I have a hard time opening small pill packages, so I used my metal plate to open them. I have four or five hiding in random places. I mean what would someone tough in the field of atrial fibrillation for migraines model into that scary stuff. I also have one for cleaning my tobacco water pipes, but I just saw a post here telling me I was using my water pipes wrong. Who knows? :-/

Immediately a report

Vinegar: It is not only used to put hot potatoes
Baking soda: It is not only used in cooking

Do you have a clogged tub? If you can, remove the drain cap, pour in some bicarb and follow with white vinegar. It oscillates and causes a reaction that helps relieve the blockage. Throw some hot water down the drain. Repeat if necessary. Sooooo much cheaper than a plumber.

Make a paste of bicarb and water. Use it to clean tough stains from the stove top.

Get an empty spray bottle. Add 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent. Wet a shower screen, spray the mixture, and let it sit for 10 minutes. Grab a light cloth and start at the top and scrub the glass (gently). You may need to go a little heavier on the bottom of the glass. Rinse and voila! Clean clean glass! Also good on oven doors too! Actually… no glass.

Buckgirl a report

neoprene. It was apparently originally used as a liner for industrial waste but has apparently now made a good wetsuit (and has many other industrial uses).

notenoughtimetoride And Lee Baliki a report

Clear nail polish works well for fixing small holes or sealing things up.

Edit: Like the little hole in a giant popsicle float

steveofthejungle a report

Avon Skin so Soft works as an amazing insect repellent. We go camping fairly regularly and always take a bottle!

chikensunday a report

A complete set of medicines.

My daily medication is an anti-seizure medication. Works like s**t as an anti-seizure drug, but works **fantastically** as an antipsychotic.

BoneYardBetty And Darina Belonogova a report

Silly putty is great for cleaning your car. All the little crumbs and dust that sink into the creases of the console and door lock controls. Just press and pick it up, fold the putty, and repeat.

picodec a report

My grandmother keeps special scissors when we eat pizza.

I’ve admired that stroke of brilliance my whole life.

Where is this a report

Paint can opener. I’m a cable technician, and I find myself outdoors in all conditions. I keep a paint can opener in my car to get slime, dog, and rocks out of my shoe treads. Way better than a stick that breaks. Now, I keep one in my personal car for when we take the dogs out to the park.

EDIT: I realize there are dozens of flat things for opening paint cans, but the thread was about better alternative uses for the stuff, and a paint can opener fits the bill. Also, props to those who added that the tool makes a great free bottle opener.

Mister Green 06 a report

Apparently, Coca-Cola has some amazing cleaning purposes. Lime stains, water rings, oil slicks in the driveway, just google or youtube it.

Ganelli a report

Slotted spoon (spaghetti ladles)

I bought a really good kind to use as a back scratcher

popepipoes a report

Condoms are great.

They are used to cover gun barrels, cook meatloaf, waterproof phone cases, ice packs, and everything in between.

If you ever need a cheap, waterproof container that can be used for many different things, use a condom.

nebuchadn3zzar And CottonPro Studio a report

Safety pins, originally designed to fasten cloth diapers, are now used in a million other ways.

EDIT: I’m a little surprised no one mentioned separating lashes after applying mascara, popping pimples, removing splinters, and protesting the boss.

I also once knew a goth girl who would line her purse with them so that people would respect her personal space in the hallway. It apparently worked for her and as far as I know she hasn’t run into trouble.

Glowworm 02 And Carol Van Hook a report

Resealable sandwich bags (Ziploc design, not roll up bags) are waterproof bags for phones. Reddit in the bathroom. Surely that’s it. Reddit.

On an unrelated note, buy shares in sandwich bag companies.

jackpot777 a report

Originally, gasoline was a by-product of making kerosene. Dunno if it matters but by products they don’t usually have an intended use.

YddishMcSquidish And DL a report

mayonnaise. It’s amazing for removing stubborn residue. I use it a lot in my work.

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