“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Gauche errs

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Presenter Günther Jauch has already absorbed the show’s operations since the first episode in 1999.Bild: RTL/Stefan Gregorios


Laura Schieble

The year started at RTL, among other things, with a crazy €3 million week special entitled “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. Since last week, regular editions of the contest can be seen again. Gunter Gauch has mistaken himself for one of the candidates.

Dominik Seefeld got the start on Monday night. The project manager from Stuttgart had already played his way to €16,000 in the previous show using just one joker. However, he chose the kind of risk.

Günther Jauch slides in right at the beginning of the show

Dominik Seefeld needed his extra joker right for his first question on the show, and he asked someone in the audience. The student interviewee then managed to help Seefeld raise 32,000 euros. Then Guenter Gauch remembered his mistake as he boiled hot:

“I completely forgot to introduce your girlfriend!”

But he immediately said calmly: “It’s still the same.” And he adds, “Marin Kluhr.” Because usually the accompaniment in question is presented with the participants – even if they have already started their audition round at the previous show.

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Candidate Dominique Seefeld was accompanied by his girlfriend, Marien Klohr.Image: rtl+

Dominik Seefeld also needs help answering the next question and decides on the phone clown Lukas Kloher. Josh suspected immediately after his mistake: “This is the ex-fiancé?” However, it is only the same name, as the candidate quickly explained. In her homeland, the Palatinate, Klohr is a very common name.

Gunter Gauch is disappointed with the crowd

But most importantly: his friend was able to help Dominik Seefeld with 64 thousand euros. The next question also makes the project manager think carefully. “I’m not going to talk you into the 50:50 joker right now,” Jauch tries to annoy you. Laughter could then be heard from the audience. Respond:

“Nobody believes me anything here.”

Jauch continues to try and then points out that it is rare to have a Joker at this level. Seefeld admits defeat, but the Joker with a ratio of 50:50 can no longer help him either. He decided to walk out with 64,000 euros.

The candidate’s escort provides a moment of shock

The final candidate on the show, Ulrike Gapp, is accompanied on the show by her husband. According to her, he is at least a football fan. Ironically, the 16,000 question where he would have slipped to the next security level was at the time football. She was annoyed: “I took my husband on the show and not as a phone joke.” Instead, I questioned the audience now. But even this did not bring the hoped-for security, which made Gauch say:

“The only person in this studio who knows…”

Then he confidently pointed to himself with his thumb, and then Günther Jauch wanted to go to Advertising And he gave the hint: “Now look at Ulrike Gapp’s husband, maybe he’ll give a hint.” But it caused an unimaginable situation: “I don’t know,” he said shortly before the commercial hiatus. “This greatly exacerbates the situation,” Gauch said dryly.

But it seems Gauch wasn’t the only one who knew the correct answer. Because with the help of the public, Ulrike Gapp has reached the next level of security.

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