Why buying a cheaper Dodge Demon online is a bad idea

YouTuber ScrapLife Garage has bought the cheapest Dodge Challenger Demon from the internet, and is trying to rebuild the burnt wreck.

Something very popular at the moment He buys a wrecked car, for dirt cheap, then restores it. Although restoration is a loosely used word in this case. Buy YouTuber ScrapLife Garage 2018 elude A defiant demon who is an all-burning wreck. When we say burnt, we also mean it. The Challenger is just an absolute shell of the car with the interior completely destroyed and many body parts completely destroyed.

There is some method to this madness though. ScrapLife Garage wants to take in the devil And he turns it into his own perfect vision of this American tough car. Normally, The Demon would run you upwards of $100,000, but the YouTuber was able to get his hands on this vehicle for just $20,000. With any other car that would be a bargain. But this American muscle car is a complete wreck, so obviously a lot of work is needed to restore it to health. But ScrapLife Garage knows how to get wrecking working againHowever, this may be a challenge too far.

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Buying this dashing Dodge Demon is quite a challenge

ScrapLife Garage and his team examined the car but it was met with a lot of skepticism. The fact that this was actually purchased is insane, although they sure hope the engine works. The wheels are pretty much all over the place, just not where they should be. It’s hard to tell what really happened with this car Although it is quite clear that some form of fire engulfed this shuffle. You know it sucks when the doors are salvageable, but it’s just a strength.

When the Dodge is lifted on a forklift, the engine is pretty much unsafe in the engine compartment. Looking under the car, we see the tires are completely bald, but in the back the differential and exhaust appear to be in good condition and repairable. Although the axles in the back are somewhat destroyed. But the transmission is completely ruined and destroyed. When components that should be inside the transmission are now outside, You know it’s just right for scrap. The engine hasn’t blown yet, so it may still work. But there is a lot of work to be done here.

Getting Demon Dodge into the garage reveals the full extent of the damage

Burned out a cheap Dodge Demon Front View
Via ScrapLife Garage YouTube channel

The team gets this Challenger back in their garage. And it shows Pretty much the full extent of the damage to the car. The springs are completely destroyed, the wheels are badly burnt, and more components have also failed. After further inspection, it’s time to tear the car apart and dispose of it as much as possible. Surprisingly, the propeller is salvageable, and it looks like the engine might have escaped really serious damage. When it comes to draining the oil, it looks like a lot of water has entered the system.

When the transmission was subsequently removed, it is fair to say that it was damaged. A whole new transmission is sure to be on the way for this diabolical challenger. Remarkably, the engine still turns over. They only do it manually but it converts. So this is a small win In the sheer atrocity that this challenger has become. The ECU is also completely cooked, so that it will never be used again. Many of the tubes are also completely destroyed, and the coolant is another component that goes into the trash.

Dropping the engine from a Dodge Demon is a tough job

The next step is to get the engine out of the Dodge Demon. A recent video from ScrapLife Garage reveals just how good and bad some aspects of the engine are. Spoiler alert, it’s not in the best shape but it does raise some surprises. But back to this video and the Dodge Engine Removal. it’s a little charged, Just because it reveals the full extent of what is wrong with him. It’s nowhere near as bad as a transmission. But there is still some serious damage on this engine, but there is some hope that it can be recycled in some way. How much of the engine is still running though is not yet clear. But the big task is to take a closer look at Satan’s temple.

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Examining the chassis reveals just how challenging the Dodge Demon is

Cheap Dodge Demon Front Quarter View Stripped Chaissed
Via ScrapLife Garage YouTube channel

With just about everything removed, the ScrapLife Garage team can get a good look at the bodywork of this Dodge. And fortunately, it doesn’t seem that bad. It is now a California shell thoughr, and a long way from a fully functional car. The fact that the structure is in relatively fair condition is something to say the least. Without that, this project really has no future. The wheels themselves were also damaged. What happens next with this project is going to be really cool.

Source: ScrapLife Garage YouTube Channe

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