Wild Bill Guerin general manager is ready to scout the market before the trade deadline

The Wild are finally in full force after only recently going healthy for the first time this season, but will there be personnel changes leading up to the NHL trade deadline?

“The team will tell me which direction to go,” said the general manager Bill Gearen he said on Saturday while talking about Wilde’s performance in the first half. “If we’re flying high and doing really well, we’ll talk about taking steps and seeing if we can improve. Or maybe we’ll just stay the same. I don’t know.”

“If we don’t do well, we’ll have to talk about what we’re going to do with that.”

Since taking over as GM in 2019, Guerin has taken both approaches.

Last year, he was an avid shopper, bringing in the goalkeeper Marc Andre Fleurydefense Jake Middleton and attackers Nick Deslaurier And Tyson Ghostwhich clearly indicates that the team has been loading for a long playoff run.

In 2021, Guerin did not do any additions or subtractions.

Both seasons ended in first round exits.

Guerin, who stated that the Wild are in “a good position” after finishing the first half with 50 points (23-14-4), doesn’t believe in sacrificing too many assets for leased players, and considers how the deal will affect the team’s culture and chemistry.

However, he said that if there was a movement that could improve the wilderness, he would examine it.

The NHL trade deadline is March 3, and the Wild have some flexibility; Her projected cap is about $3.75 million, according to CapFriendly.com.

Already this season they have adjusted their roster, trading forwards Ryan ReevesMuch of the surge for the Wild since its slow start came after Reaves’ arrival on Nov. 23 from the Rangers, and it’s no coincidence for Guerin.

He said, “We were flat.” “There wasn’t that fuss. There wasn’t that energy. It was just flat. I don’t know why, but it was, and he’s not that kind of person who lets that happen. He’s the same every day, he’s high energy and he loves his job and he loves being here and going.” to the rink and that’s contagious.”

I look forward

Guerin said the Wild explored re-signing players, but did not specify who.

The Wild is slated to have several more restricted free agents after the season, including the forward Poldy died and goalkeeper Philip Gustafson. As for suspended unrestricted free agents, that group is led by the defenseman Dumbaa died.

The upcoming offseason is also when the cap hits for Zack Paris And Ryan Souter The acquisitions escalated to its highest cost, which is around $14.7 million. This means that as it stands now, the Wild will have approximately $16 million in cap space to spend with nine of their current roster players getting new contracts. (This takes into account a $1 million increase in the NHL salary cap, which is expected.)

“We’re trying to make calculated moves,” Guerin said, pointing Sam Steele and Gustafson.

Steel becomes the Wild’s No. 1 after signing a one-year, $825,000 contract as a free agent, and Gustavsson is having a breakout season in the net after the Wild landed him in Cam Talbot Trade with Ottawa.

“We have to keep doing things like that,” Guerin said. “It’s more of a challenge. Big deal.”

Russian update

Marco Rossi Pace produces a point per game over 17 games with Iowa in the NFL, which is one more game than the quarterback has played with the Wild after the team was pulled out of training camp.

After being sent to the minors on November 28, Rossi, the ninth overall draft pick in 2020, recorded five goals and 11 assists for 16 points.

“Persistence is a really hard thing for young players to discover and find,” said Guerin. “He collects a small number of games and then he’ll have an off night or a slower night and then they’ll reset it, and he’ll come back and play better.

“At the moment, we don’t have a place [in the Wild lineup]And it doesn’t make sense to bring in Marco now just because of the hot dogs in the stands. Better to just play. But he is doing well.”

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