With “Täubchen” and Jane Fonda: Richard Lugner looks forward to the opera ball

With Dove and Jane Fonda
Richard Loughner looks forward to the Opera Ball

Only recently did it seem as if Richard Loughner, who had health problems, might miss this year’s Vienna State Opera gala. But now the sun seems to be shining. The 90-year-old is now introducing his senior companion. And yes, he is just in love!

Famous ladies who wanted to accompany Richard Loughner to the Vienna State Opera never seemed to go out. The former construction mogul proudly announced that he will be appearing in this year’s “Ball of Balls” with actress Jane Fonda at his side.

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Jane Fonda might also be looking at something in Vienna.

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“Puls24” quoted the 90-year-old as saying, “She is a great woman and has achieved a lot in her life.” Not only will Fonda, now 85, accompany him to the ball on Feb. 16. It is also planned to hold an autograph session in his shopping center and visit one or another cultural attraction. “We don’t know exactly what she wants yet, but she’s been to Vienna before and is interested in art,” says Lugner.

For financial reasons, it is unlikely that the two-time Oscar winner would venture to fall to the ground with a “mortar”. “She has more money than I do,” Loughner says of his companion, who is considered a multiple millionaire. Lugner assures him that he will ask her if she wants to dance with him and explains that the chances are not that bad: “Half of my guests wanted it, and the others didn’t”. However, at the same time, he has to admit that his dancing skills are now a bit rusty.

I love the nude scene

The Vienna State Opera Ball has been canceled for the past two years due to the Corona pandemic. Previously, Loughner has regularly brought high-profile pals to the event in the Austrian capital since 1992, including Ivana Trump, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Melanie Griffith. Recently, Italian actress Ornella Muti accompanied him in 2020.

Looking at Fonda, Lugner wasn’t in the least excited about her famous nude scene in the movie Barbarella from 1968. Recently, the actress, climate activist, and fitness icon was spotted in Netflix’s “Grace & Frankie” format.

Just two weeks ago, it was not certain whether Lugner would be able to visit the Opera Ball this year. He revealed to the Austrian newspaper “Huet” that health problems had been suffering from him for months. He is currently suffering from acute bronchitis. “Now I must finally recover,” he said, hoping to be fit again in time to host the Opera Ball.

“The Dove” Elizabeth

As it turns out, it worked. The fact that he had recently fallen in love again may have contributed to his recovery. He confirmed this only a few days ago to the newspaper “Bild”. “The Opera Ball is approaching. My personal companion on February 16th will be ‘Dove’ Elizabeth,” Loughner stated, making his next foray into a pet name.

44-year-old Elisabeth succeeds 40-year-old Simone “Penchen” Rylander, who broke off an engagement with Loughner at the end of 2021. Mortel does not want to comment excessively on “Täubchen”: “It will soon become clear if she wants me until”. However, he certainly couldn’t complain, as he now had two women to accompany him to the opera ball.

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