WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1225 Results & Report from Greenbay, Wisconsin, USA from 01/13/2023 (including voting and videos)

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World Wrestling Entertainment „Friday Night SmackDown #1225“
Where: Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
First broadcast: January 13, 2023
Spectators: about 6,000 spectators

Michael Cole welcomes us to another edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Today we will see Canadian Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn duel. To do so, Gunther must jeopardize his Intercontinental Championship against Braun Strowman. This match will also be our opener and we will hear Braun Strowman’s music.

1. Match
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Singles match
Gunther (c) beat Braun Strowman via pinfall after a powerbomb.
Match time: 17:29
– After almost ten minutes, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci, who had not been there before, entered the ring. They used the distraction and attacked Strowman, but it didn’t lead to the end.

In Progressive Match Flo we see a flashback on last week. Roman Reigns blamed Sami Zayn for losing to John Cena and Kevin Owens. Next came Kevin Owens, who demanded a title match at the Royal Rumble, which Roman Reigns accepted. Zain later apologized to the chief of the tribe, who apologized himself. Reigns and Wise Man gave him a chance to make things right in a match with Owens.

Sami Zayn walks into Bloodline’s locker room and knocks. Paul Heyman opens the door and Zayn wants to see the rest of the Bloodline, but they’re not there. Zayn’s task tonight is to win the match on his own. This accepts his request and Heyman must tell Reigns that he made the right decision. Kevin Owens was defeated today and that’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler.

Rey Mysterio’s music starts playing and he comes to the ring in street clothes. He grabs a microphone and talks about what happened on vacation when Dominic was arrested. He loves Christmas days with his family, but this year was a little different. Ray does not understand that Dominic is running as a criminal. As a father, this breaks his heart. As a man, this bull f***r is fed up. For him, there is only one way to get back on track. He will enter and win the Royal Rumble. This is the Carrion Cross logo. He comes to the ring with Scarlett and also repeats some words. He listened carefully and wanted to be honest. The year didn’t start well for Mysterio, but 17 years ago, the high-profile player managed to win the Rumble title. But that was 17 years ago. It must have been a great moment for him and for Dominic. Wait, was that for Dominic? Ray can’t tell because there was no father. Who does he hate the most? Dominic because he didn’t become like his father or himself because he failed to raise him? This is enough for Rey Mysterio, who attacks Cross. He is also able to get the upper hand at first, but when Scarlett intervenes, he finds himself in Cross’s jacket. Mysterio loses consciousness and Cross stands victorious over his opponent.

In the dressing room are Maxine Dupree, Emma and Liv Morgan. Emma tells Morgan that being the first competitor to win the Rumble is not a good idea. Maxxine Dupri takes it one step further and says it’s a terrible idea. Liv Morgan doesn’t stand any chance. Raquel Rodriguez joins in and praises Morgan’s fighting spirit, however, the later she comes, the better for her, especially with her size. Rodriguez himself is excited that it will be her first rumble. Morgan gets upset and shows Rodriguez her recovered hand, only for him to punch her in the face. She demands a match and Rodriguez accepts the challenge.

2. Match
Singles match
Tegan Knox defeated Xia Li via pinfall after a brilliant wizard.
Match time: 02:50

We see a recap of The Usos’ title defense (J.Uso & Jimmy Uso) against Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens. What is no longer shown on TV is the defeat of the Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) against the Europeans. Now there is a recorded message from the Vikings and Valhalla. She saw that Sheamus and McIntyre would fall out. The gentlemen end the somber passage with the words “suffering awaits”.

The aforementioned losers from the previous week are now with Adam Pearce. McIntyre demands that Pearce do his job properly. The Scotsman wants to get his hands on the Viking Raiders. But Sheamus would rather have the Usos as opponents. The two friends pass out a few pieces to keep each other excited, which Pearce stops before getting too far. There will be a tournament starting next week. The winning tag team will receive a title match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles (!). The two are thrilled and next week they will face the Viking Raiders in the first round. For this decision, Pierce is rewarded with a good slap on the back. In the championship comes sausage, after sausage, after sausage, after sausage…

Lights out, it’s time for Bray Wyatt. After a journey so long that even Undertaker would be jealous, he finally made it to the ring. But before he can say anything, let’s see a flashback to Uncle Howdy’s attack on Bray Wyatt two weeks ago. In the ring, a spotlight shines on a rocking chair, in which Wyatt is also sitting. Green Bay, we’re here. Sometimes you get to a point where you forget who you are and what you have accomplished. But he remembers everything he lost over the years. White sees himself as red in a black and white world. He remembers that he is the Eater of Worlds, that he is Uncle Howdy, that he is “him”, that he is everything, and that he is Bray Wyatt. He knows who he is, but who are you? There will be a rebirth for him at the Royal Rumble. LA Knight, when the lights go out, you gotta run.

Kevin Owens backstage with Kayla Braxton. During her question, Sami Zayn came forward and asked if Owens was happy with what he did. He couldn’t leave Sami alone on SmackDown. Owens objects that the bloodline started it. They came to RAW and he just wanted to sort things out. He did not ask about a match with Sami or a tag team match with Cena. Roman Reigns himself is to blame for the situation and also the fact that Zayn was involved. Zane gets upset because he always hears that he is being taken advantage of. The bloodline is his family and he is proud that he was able to settle the matter today.

After Liv Morgan goes into business, we’ll go into advertising. Then we see the Imperium in the sick room. Kayla Braxton wonders if today’s win will bring more momentum? After some commendable words from Kaiser and Vinci, Gunther himself said today was a glorious day as he overcame his biggest challenge yet. He wants to build on that and throw all opponents off the holy carpet at the Royal Rumble and compete in the main event at WrestleMania.

3. Match
Singles match
Raquel Rodriguez defeated Liv Morgan by pinfall after Tigana Bomb.
Game time: 04:45
– After around 03:30, Morgan sets up a table outside the ring and pins her opponent on it. Rodriguez gets up before Morgan hits the top rope. This action led to the end.

We see a clip of Charlotte Flair defending her title against Sonya Deville from last week. Loser sides with Adam Pearce and demands a rematch, which Pearce cannot grant as she clearly lost. But Devil doesn’t understand that. Should you participate in the Royal Rumble and win a title match? Pierce says yes, but Deville says she will find her way to the address.

After a commercial break, a fight between Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair is shown. Officials are trying to separate the two, which hardly works. Flair seems to have won the fight and tells her to stop. She replied that it hadn’t even started. Devil returns and the fight picks up speed again. A short time later, the two are separated by officials.

The video will once again feature highlights of Cody Rhodes’ return and injury. This vignette is the same as the one in Monday Night Raw It has already been shown.

Two weeks from today, Rey Mysterio will face Karrion Cross on SmackDown. Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens will sign the contract next week. Additionally, Game 1 of the tag team championship will be played between the Viking Raiders and Sheamus & Drew McIntryre. The remaining field of participants and the number of rounds are not yet known.

4. Match
Singles match
Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn by disqualification as Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso attacked Kevin Owens.
Match time: 15:55
At the start of the match, Owens offered his opponent a handshake, which Zayn refused.

Sami Zayn couldn’t understand the attack as he was about to hit a Helluva Kick. In the ring, Owens still has to take a 1D and is now being brought towards the commentary table. Owens can get up for a while, but then he must admit defeat due to the majority. He is placed on the commentary table and Solo Sikoa hits a splash through the barricade. Meanwhile, Zayn is still not excited about the situation because he was actually in control of everything. However, the four bloodlines are standing over the immobile Owens. The Usos and Sikoa are proud of their act, but Zayn seems reluctant. This concludes this episode of SmackDown on Friday Night.


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