WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Scores, Reactions & Highlights from January 27th | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

WWE SmackDown results: winners, scores, reactions and highlights from January 27th

0 out of 8

    Was Kevin Owens able to send one last message to Roman Reigns on Friday?

    Was Kevin Owens able to send one last message to Roman Reigns on Friday?Credit: WWE.com

    With just 24 hours before a massive showdown for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, Kevin Owens sought to send one last message to Roman Reigns as he battled the seemingly unstoppable enforcer of The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa.

    Was the KO able to build momentum, or did the second generation badass inflict a crushing defeat before Owens’ last chance at the championship?

    Find out this recap from the January 27 episode of SmackDown, which also featured the semifinals of the Tag Team Championship tournament.

Rey Mysterio vs Karrion Cross

2 out of 8

    Credit: WWE.com

    Overconfident Karrion Kross knew Friday night that underestimating the legendary Rey Mysterio won’t end positively.

    Despite dominating a future first-ballot Hall of Famer with his size, strength advantage, and trademark 619 endurance, Cross let himself be inflicted on him when Mysterio countered a powerlam attempt into a cross combo for the win.

    The match was on the shorter side, with most of it taking place during the break, but it was intense enough. A Mysterio win seems like a way to move the feud forward, but one has to wonder when we’ll see creative booking decisions that reflect Triple H’s faith in Crossover.

    So far, he has participated more or less steadily in important programs but has yet to win anything definitively. This didn’t help that perception, unfortunately, and now the question became whether this final win would come too late to win over the audience.

    I hope not, because he has the potential to be a top-tier heel on either Raw or SmackDown. He just needs that unwavering creativity behind him to match his unique presence and presentation.


    Defeated Mysterio Cross


    c +

    The most important moments

  • Prior to the match, as The Bloodline arrived in the ring, Sami Zayn thanked Ji Uso for his support on Monday and vowed to move on. This was despite Roman Reigns being ordered not to be in the building tonight.
  • During the break, Cross caught Mysterio in a mid dive and slammed him onto the ring apron.
  • Mysterio ignored interference from Scarlett and delivered a 619 and splash from the top rope, but Kross started at second.

Parade of interruptions

3 out of 8

    Credit: WWE.com

    United States Champion Austin Theory hit the ring to cut a promo at Saturday’s Royal Rumble match, vowing to win him and headline WrestleMania. The New Day stopped, followed by The Miz, and eventually Bobby Lashley.

    The All-Mighty made quick work of everyone before cutting a promo of his own, calling out Brock Lesnar after Monday’s attack.

    Leaping over the guardrail, The Beast attacked Lashley and knocked him down with an F-5 before revealing that he would compete in Saturday’s namesake match.

    It’s not necessarily a surprise that Lesnar would appear in the Royal Rumble match given the fact that he was featured prominently on the event’s poster from day one. It greatly boosts the power of the star match, though, and provides a platform for him and Shelley to further their feud.



    The most important moments

  • Kingston Theory gave a rundown on his favorite Austin: Creed, “Stone Cold” Steve, and Texas.
  • “That’s weird, that’s weird,” Woods said, after calling the theory by his first name. Mostly because Woods’ real name is Austin.
  • “Slice, perhaps?” Woods taunted Miz after he forgot what was on his shoulder.
  • “See you tomorrow, buddy,” Lesnar said after firing Lashley for the second time this week.

Lacey Evans vs. Jazmine Alor

4 out of 8

    Credit: WWE.com

    Lacey Evans has recast herself again, and if Friday’s reintroduction is any indication, it’s unlikely that the “back-to-basics” character would fit her better than the last two incarnations.

    Evans dominated the competition, eventually parlaying Allure into a Cobra Clutch, before pulling off a public heel show in which she vowed to win the Royal Rumble.

    There was nothing inherently wrong here, nothing that jumped off the screen and made viewers think, “I can’t wait to see where Evans goes next.”

    It’s not all her fault. She is damaged by inconsistent booking and his attempts to get her into various stratagems. Nothing has worked quite like the character of Sassy Southern Belle, and before that damage proves irreparable, it may be in her best interest to return to this gimmick.


    Evans defeated Allure



    The most important moments

  • The sole of Evans’ boot broke early in the game, which brought it to the attention of the commentary team.
  • Evans held onto the clutch after the bell, then cut short to reveal her entry into the Royal Rumble.

Contenders Championship SmackDown Tag Team Championship semi-finals

5 out of 8

    Credit: WWE.com

    Prior to the SmackDown Tag Team Championship contender’s semi-final match, which pitted Drew McIntyre and Sheamus against Hit Row, The Viking Raiders’ Erik and Ivar attacked the men they eliminated a week earlier, leaving Scots and Irish lying and the status of the match in doubt.

    Adam Pearce revealed that McIntyre and Sheamus are out and Braun Strowman and Ricochet are in their place.

    Ashante Thee Adonis and Ricochet did most of the heavy lifting, providing the majority of the in-ring action before Strowman’s hot tag sparked a comeback and culminated with The Monster Of Monsters picking up the win with a Monster Bomb.

    The idea that McIntyre and Seamus “gave up” their championship spot is absurd. It’s an insult to the tournament itself, if nothing else because it suggests that tag titles are secondary to getting revenge on Eric and Ivar.

    It negates everything competition is about. Maybe that wasn’t the intention, maybe Pierce misinterpreted it, but it wasn’t great. Absolutely.

    Filling in for Strowman and Ricochet at least makes sense given their history with Hit Row, but, then again, why would a team that was never in the tournament be allowed to enter? in the semi-finals amazing.

    Considering the other two teams on the other side of the arc, the finale is probably a badass, but it shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

    Fortunately, the match we got was at least strong enough.


    Ricochet and Strowman defeated Heat Ro


    c, with an explanation of the match eliminating average score

    The most important moments

  • “Nobody gets a pass to the Finals,” Pearce revealed.
  • “Adam Pearce is like a perpetual Monday morning,” Wade Barrett said in the caption.
  • “Top Dolla can’t fly anywhere,” said Michael Cole, and kept his feud with the Hit Row big man alive.

L.A. Knight speaks to us

6 out of 8

    Credit: WWE.com

    L.A. Knight mocked the original incarnation of the Bray Wyatt character, with a straw hat and Hawaiian shirt, before cutting a promo on his opponent in a Mountain Dew Pitch Black match.

    White interrupted him, said that talking time was up and concluded with an ominous line about lights out.

    Uncle Howdy appeared on Skybox to wrap up the segment.

    This added a little buildup to Saturday’s match, but did one thing that was fairly effective: reaffirmed that Knight is an absolute superstar and should not see his status in WWE programming end with a likely loss to Wyatt at the Rumble.

    Give him all the things to do, especially if there’s a microphone, because he is that The man can get anything. Anyone who has seen his work going back to Eli Drake knows a lot.

    Wyatt is a superstar in his own right and will be more than fine once this program ends. Despite this, Knight has really jumped off the screen and should be earning himself continued exposure as a result.


    c +

    The most important moments

  • “Let me walk with you,” Knight said quipped to Bray Wyatt.
  • “When the lights go out, you’ll see,” White warned ominously.

Contenders Championship SmackDown Tag Team Championship semi-finals

7 out of 8

    Credit: WWE.com

    Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde of Legado del Fantasma battled Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser of Imperium in the second semi-final match of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Challengers’ Tournament.

    The latter duo dominated throughout the commercial, focusing the attack on Wilde. The hot tag to Del Toro allowed Legado del Fantasma to roll late on, but a gorilla slam by Vinci from the top rope and an Imperium bomb earned the former NXT Tag Team Champions the hard-fought win.

    This was a match vastly superior to the other semi-finals, with great work from everyone. Del Toro, in particular, has really shined as of late and had fans behind him and his partner, despite their status as villains.

    Imperium’s win was fine, but he set up a match with Strowman and Ricochet that had already been overtaken in recent months, including a miracle in Street Fight 34 that should have finished them again over the holidays.

    WWE officials should consider the idea of ​​the Legado del Fantasma being baby faces moving forward if nothing else. They were great here, and the idea of ​​Vega as a lovey-dovey kid, keeping the same attitude, would be interesting.

    They pulled off the role late in their NXT run, so we know it’s not a difficult task. Allowing them to run on this side of the roster, against the Viking Raiders, Imperium, Los Lotharios and more will result in some impressive in-ring business, while Santos Escobar could also thrive.


    The Imperium defeated the Legacy of the Ghost



    The most important moments

  • Surprisingly, the crowd is behind Legado del Fantasma, despite being labeled as heels on TV.
  • It appeared that Vinci had injured his left knee during the punch when he slammed his knee into the mat.

Kevin Owens vs. individual score

8 out of 8

    Credit: WWE.com

    With The Usos barred from entering the ring after a backstage confrontation, Bloodline enforcer Solo Sikoa was forced to go it alone as he looked to dismantle Kevin Owens prior to Prizefighter’s WWE Undisputed Universal Championship match at Royal Rumble Saturday.

    Or so we thought.

    Late in the game, when Sekoa appeared to be closing in on defeat, Sami Zayn jumped the guardrail and made the save, pulling him into the haven of the court floor. Rent? A wrong super kick from the big man, who quickly refocused his attack on Owens.

    The #1 contender countered, delivering a powerbomb at the commentary table, sending it into the crowd. Owens stood tall before looking into the camera and cutting a promo about his opponent at the Royal Rumble, sparing Zayn further punishment and raising the question: Where does The Honorary Uce stand?

    The match was a good physical fight. Owens can suck a ton, which allows Syco to show off. By the time Zayn’s interference came around and the match moved into an angle, it accomplished everything it could have hoped for: it proved Owens’ toughness and left fans wondering where Zayn’s loyalties lay.

    Are they Owen’s or bloodline? It might be more complicated than that. Perhaps his loyalties lie with G only at this point after the events of Monday night.

    The fact that there are different prospects entering Saturday’s show adds a sense of intrigue to the competition despite its previous outcome.

    One thing is for sure: the more Sekoua works with guys like Owens, the better he’ll be in the long run, and the more likely he is to be successful in whatever role he finds himself.


    Owens fought Sekua to a no contest



    The most important moments

  • During a live taping of Out of Character with Ryan Satin earlier today, Charlotte Flair was interrupted by Sonya Deville. Queen approached Adam Pearce backstage and requested a match with Deville, and he made it an official authority figure for the next week.
  • Dismay painted Zayn’s face in the final moments of the show as he realized that he not only failed but did so in a way that eclipsed his appearance on the show for Reigns, who was definitely watching from New York as he prepared for it. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance.
  • Owens cut an intense finale on-camera promo at Reigns, promising to bring it all he had on Saturday night.

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