Xavi talks about Javi, Eric Garcia and Rafinha before facing Ceuta in the Copa del Rey

Xavi was speaking to the press ahead of Barcelona’s next game on Thursday against Ceuta in the Copa del Rey.

The Barcelona boss spoke about his next side’s opponents, giving updates on Memphis Depay and Rafinha as well as Ronald Araujo and Robert Lewandowski.

Here are the best parts:

Xavi in ​​Ceuta

Our aim is to win titles, so we want to play a good game, and show our dominance over this team. It’s two categories down but we’ve already seen against Intercity that these teams can push us into extra time.

Xavi in ​​Memphis Depay

I don’t have any news regarding Memphis. He’s our player, he’s a great professional, he’s there when I need him, he’s great in the dressing room, he’s positive and now he’s our player. We’ll see what happens. I count on him as a player.

Xavi talks about the feeling of the team

Now it’s another great test for us to give this success some continuity. We are in a good moment now. We won the final, it gave us great feelings, but now we need to keep going.

Xavi talks about angering the President of Ceuta

I felt bad after that. I didn’t mean it that way. I just meant he was playing against a lower class team. Intercity make life difficult. Cuba is now in the one-match knockout round and we have to be vigilant. I also played in the lower categories. I have a lot of respect for the coach of Ceuta. They have a similar style of play to us. I didn’t mean to disrespect him at all. I have great respect for the team and their coach. I said that in connection with their arrangement.

Heal over injuries

The only player who needs to rest is Araujo but nothing important, I just want him to rest. The others are all available. We will decide the menu after training.

Xavi on Eric Garcia

Eric has always been useful to me, he’s played great games with us. For me it is a guarantee in the back. I have great confidence in him. Obviously there is a lot of competition. He will be important and he will still be on the team.

Xavi talks about whether Gavi can leave due to contract issues

No, he will stay here 100%. He is happy, he feels appreciated. We are happy with him. I don’t think there will be any problems.

Xavi talks about young players against Ceuta

we will see. This afternoon we will practice. Alarcon will travel with us. We’ll see how the rest is. We will decide after training

Xavi speaks if Eric suffers from an injury?

At the World Cup, there was a different coach who decided not to play with him. Here we are very happy with him. He had a slight injury after the Espanyol game but that said we are counting on him. Tomorrow there is a match. Another Sunday. It will be important.

Xavi over Arsenal wants Rafinha

I try to be clear with my players. I’m very happy with them. I don’t want anyone to leave. I am happy with the lineup and very happy with the atmosphere. Another thing is if the player wants to leave. I want to understand his situation. If gamers want to play more, I understand.

Xavi on whether the defeat in the Super Cup is the end of an era for Real Madrid

I don’t know. We are trying to start a new era. We won our first title, which was important for the club. It gives us peace of mind and confidence. I imagine the players are feeling some relief and are able to let their talent shine. Other teams are not our concern.

Xavi in ​​Memphis Part 2

We will talk to him and try to understand his situation and what he wants. It’s a personal situation if he wants to leave. I know it’s not easy for him but we’ll talk.

Xavi on Lewandowski

We’ll talk to the players, see how they feel, it could be important for us tomorrow because he won’t play on Sunday. He will travel and our intention is to participate.

Xavi on Christensen

It’s another guarantee in the back. He’s great with the ball. He seems shy, but he has a lot of personality. He’s comfortable on the ball, he feels good in this style of play, he’s technically great, quick, good in the air. That’s why we signed it. We knew it could make a difference.

Xavi on Frenkie de Jong

I think he feels comfortable. We give him more freedom so that he can be the free man for the team. He has exceptional circumstances to be one of the best midfielders in the world. He is at an excellent level.

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