Xbox Game Pass: The Friends & Family Plan was announced prior to the Developer_Direct event

Microsoft is preparing to Xbox community To offer something special. Rumors have been circulating in recent months about a new plan for Subscription based gaming service, specially designed to attract friends and family. And now it seems that these plans are finally being put into practice, because the next one “family friends– offer to Xbox Game Pass It’s already featured on Game Pass and should be featured at this month’s big event.

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Announcement of Friends & Family Plan in the US on PC Xbox App!

This could indicate an imminent launch, and with the Xbox Showcase rumored for the 25th, I’m expecting news there!

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Gamepass counter January 11, 2023

Leaked information from August last year

In August last year, data experts uncovered evidence of possible family and friends membership while investigating Microsoft’s latest app update. However, no details were provided, such as pricing or restrictions on the number of people who can sign up for a single account. Now there’s even more clarity beyond the adverts to announce exactly what everyone’s been waiting for – including a logo designed just for Game Pass families!

upcoming launch?

All signs point to its launch soon, and many are speculating that it will happen during the upcoming Xbox Game Show – aka Developer_Direct – Revealed Jan 25th will. It would also be a useful addition to the games on offer, including Redfall, Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends – as Starfield will get its own show at a later date.

What we know about the Friends and Family plan

No official details have been announced yet, so we don’t know anything about pricing and subscription models — but we assume that every member of the family can use all Game Pass games and also cloud gaming.

Maverick Games was founded by ex-game developers

Elsewhere, earlier Playground developers left Microsoft and founded its own Triple-A studio known as Maverick Games, led by former Forza creative director Mike Brown. The team has big plans. Although nothing concrete is said about the first title, it is said to be a massive open world epic.

Game Pass could soon be an even better deal

All in all, we can’t wait to share more information about the Friends & Family plan on Developer_Direct later this month! With so much potential ahead – will you switch to family subscription and cost sharing?

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