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MIAMI, FL, Jan. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XLANTIS, a leading Web3 venture at the forefront of the gaming, sports, and live entertainment industry, is proud to announce that its founding companies are now committed to bringing XLANTIS’ vision to the global marketplace. Envisioned as an open, cross-platform, single-player and multiplayer ecosystem that provides the highest quality of experiential world possible, XLANTIS is deeply dedicated to bringing the concepts of digital ownership and community engagement to users all over the world. The founding companies, all industry leaders in their respective fields, are taking the next step in enhancing XLANTIS’ global reach by focusing on monetization and community decentralization.

#axmana It is a multi-patented blockchain software provider focused on building the future of community sharing through cutting-edge game service protocol. XMANNA is playing an increasingly central role in the Web3 space by creating a true utility for NFTs and designing the next era of interaction, manipulation, and entertainment in the mathematical space. Innovative NFT solutions will also help drive the monetization of the XLANTIS ecosystem.

#xCITEG Group is a leading Web3 company providing high-quality, customer-centric products to consumers globally, while supporting businesses in leveraging blockchain and metaverse opportunities. xCITE Group has previously worked to support Web3 initiatives of notable artists and musicians, as well as leading sports clubs and entertainment providers around the world. The xCITE group is tasked with crafting and implementing unique technology solutions for XLANTIS users, based on native coding models, blockchain smart contracts, and metaverse integration.

#behind the scenes It is an NFT and metaverse based ticketing platform that promotes the advancement of the global events industry in the decentralized space. Backstage has partnered with hundreds of nightclubs, concert venues, festivals and sports teams around the world – leveraging blockchain technology, NFT and the metaverse to bring global access to event venues. Backstage will facilitate the propulsion of XLANTIS into the global live entertainment industry, while also helping entertainment providers expand their reach through a presence in the XLANTIS ecosystem.

#fursan is a brand-focused, full-service international sports marketing agency offering authentic, multi-market partnerships between clubs and their fans. Orsen deploys world-leading technology, such as big data analytics, to better identify platforms and solutions that drive community engagement. Orsen will help ensure sports clubs and fans across the sporting world are able to leverage the XLANTIS ecosystem to drive engagement, increase engagement, and create shared experiences for life.

#HaZimation is a London-based production company that develops and produces original IP in films, series and video games as well as metaverse content. Using their own pipeline powered by Unreal Engine 5, the world’s most powerful real-time 3D creation tool, HaZimation’s in-house team of creators, storytellers, and game developers continually collaborate to develop unique content for the XLANTIS audience, from the massive open-world building, to the gameplay experience, right down to the cinematic storytelling elements. HaZimation leads the gamification and creative direction of XLANTIS, as this platform strives to become the premier entertainment provider in the metaverse.

In #Nu3raStudios It is a research and development studio that specializes in creating immersive, interactive virtual experiences and content that merges the physical and digital worlds. Nu 3ra works with the sports and entertainment industries to create cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible, with a focus on combining the metaverse and blockchain with high-end entertainment to create groundbreaking solutions for the next generation of entertainment. Nu 3ra strives to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field and is committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers. With a strong focus on AI-driven workflows, the team is able to quickly evaluate projects and leverage their expertise to bring new technologies to life. This diverse group of professionals allows Nu 3ra to be at the forefront of the industry and continually push the boundaries of what the world of immersive interactive virtual experiences can provide.

#BluCanaryCapital It is a consulting company that uses new financial technologies to invest capital. Blu Canary raises money for companies with large audiences and “tribal” power through crowdfunding through a Security Token Offering (STO) registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and subject to FINRA regulation. Its first target market is augmented reality (AR) applications, metaverse content, and games, as the company seeks to build a new financial ecosystem that combines the protection of SEC regulation with the efficiency, security, and liquidity of digital assets.

#xMetAds XLANTIS is an exclusive full-service advertising company. xMetAds anticipates the next generation of advertising, an industry that will span different segments and segments. xMetAds creates a fully immersive marketing experience, allowing for interaction that is only limited by your imagination.

The founding team of XLANTIS commented: “We are excited to announce our partnerships with these leading projects in the Web3, blockchain, and metaverse spaces. Each brings unique qualities, industry expertise, technologies and invaluable customer bases as XLANTIS expands its global reach. We are confident that these collaborations will ensure our success in providing a Web 3 experience AAA quality while driving the monetization of our metaverse, decentralizing our community, and fulfilling our mission of being the metaverse’s premier place for gaming, sports, and live entertainment.”


XLANTIS is an open world, cross-platform, single player and multiplayer ecosystem for gaming, sports entertainment, live and virtual concerts with digital ownership, real estate, and experiences, built by founding companies with a focus on monetizing sharing and giving back to the user community. Register for your chance to join the beta launch here

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