Yesterday We Were Kids – Season 2: When is Part 2 Coming?

With “Yesterday we were kids” Screenwriter and producer Natalie Scharf has created an exciting mini-series. After the first season in ZDF ends, the question arises continuation. Will the family drama surrounding the Klettmanns continue? Here you can learn all about it “Yesterday We Were Kids” Season 2 a favour.

  • When does Season 2 start on ZDF?
  • Why?
  • who is in ejaculate the sequel?

All information about Broadcast, Cast, Story, Trailer And your location You can find an overview of the second season of Yesterday We Were Kids here.

Season 2 of “Yesterday We Were Kids”: air dates and airtime

At the moment there is There is no information yet on whether to continue with the miniseries. That’s why it’s still possible here There is no start date reveal his identity. Once ZDF announces Season 2, you’ll find it here.

According to the screenwriter, the first season of Yesterday We Were Kids took a total of six years of work. However, the sequel is expected to be much faster.

When and how will the ZDF series end?

Will Season 2 episodes be available on the ZDF Media Library?

The first season of “Yesterday We Were Kids” aired on ZDF MediaTek released. If there is a season 2, it will probably also be available on free TV before the premiere Stream Be available.

What could be the sequel?

What could be the second season of Yesterday We Were Kids is pure so far speculation. Viewers can continue to accompany Fifi and her siblings after the difficulty blow of fate to return to life. Besides, maybe more Secrets from the past From their parents and grandparents to the light. What else happens to Peter Kleitman? What next between Tim and Vivi? Does the young lady understand her? Care For Daniel and Amy? Many unanswered questions – it is not yet clear if we will have answers.

What is the rating of the second season of “Yesterday We Were Kids”?

Terrible family drama of the Kleitman family Bad And passionate. It may be the first season of “Yesterday We Were Still Kids” From 12 years old be seen. the FSK Season 2 will likely be 12 as well.

Is there a trailer for ‘Yesterday We Were Kids’ Season 2?

Since no sequel to the series has been confirmed yet, there is, too No trailer yet For the “Yesterday We Were Kids” season. Until further notice, you can find the first season trailer here:

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Who are the sequel crew?

Depending on what Yesterday We Were Kids Season 2 is about, there may be different reunions actors from ejaculate Give from Season 1. Also new the actor Probably. Here you will find an overview of the suspect occupation From season 2:

Role – actor

  • Vivi Kleitman – Julia Biotics
  • Peter Kleitmann Turbin Librecht
  • Peter Kleitman (Jung) – Damien Hardung
  • Tim Munzinger – Julius Nichkov
  • Hans Kleitmann – Ulrich Tukur
  • Heidi Kleitman and Caroline Eichhorn
  • Louisa (young) – Milena Chartky
  • Anna Kleitman (Jung) – Sega River
  • Daniel Kleitman – Fico Mango
  • Amy Kleitman – Nellie Richter
  • Dr. Lauren Ott – Claudia Geisler Budding
  • Delara Miller – Matilda Smidt
  • Robert Krug – Peter Schneider
  • Louisa – Katharina Heyer
  • Robert Krug (Young) – Arne Curtis
  • Julia Ruth Karen Dahmen
  • Hannah – Bianca Norat

Where is the second season filmed?

The first season has begun Munich And they fired at the surroundings. The sequel will likely be filmed there as well. Once there is information about take photo On the second season of Yesterday We Were Kids, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

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