Yvonne’s girlfriend fuels rumors with explosive information

Lucas Cordalis, Peter Klein on I AM A STAR Departure - Get me here from Jungle Camp Candidates to Australia at Frankfurt am Main Airport on January 2nd 2023 *** LO…

Peter Klein caused more problems with his alleged affair than Lucas Cordalis at jungle camp.Bild: Imago Pictures/Star Media

Jungle camp

Sophia Sirman

While Lucas Cordalis was in Jungle camp He fights for the crown, and despite the harsh criticism from his fellow campers: at home and fans He’s in the final now, and the headlines about his in-laws don’t stop. The charge: Iris Klein, mother of Lucas’ wife Danielle Katzenberger, is certain her husband, Peter Klein, has cheated on her. The 63-year-old is Lucas’ mate Australia Come – there he is said to have begun a relationship with actress Yvonne Wolkee, who accompanied Jamila Rowe.

Iris Cline is so convinced of the fraud that she is said to have actually packed her things in the house they shared in Majorca. For her, the marriage ended after 17 years. on me Instagram She wrote: “A husband who cheats on his wife has no honor!!! joking With your iPhone!!!! After that, the 55-year-old did not speak.

Both Peter Klein and Yvonne Wolke have since strongly denied the rumors. But evidence that the two are more than acquaintances is now beginning to trickle in from an unexpected source.

Former forest caravan Janina Yousefian publishes explosive information

Ironically, Janina Yousefian, who was last year for a racist comment titled “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” He caused a scandal, and then had to leave the jungle camp early. Now the explosive details are being unpacked.

Yvonne Wolke was Janina Yousefian's jungle companion in 2022.

Yvonne Wolke was Janina Yousefian’s jungle companion in 2022. Bild: IMAGO / STAR-MEDIA

Last year, Yvonne Wolke traveled to South Africa to accompany Janina Yousefian. But after a racist comment directed at candidate Linda Nobat, Janina and Yvonne hurried after it again. Deutschland. The two are said to have met Lucas Cordalis and Peter Klein at the airport. Although Lucas had traveled to South Africa, he could not move to jungle camp due to Corona disease.

Youssefian sparks rumors about his comrades in the jungle camp

Peter and Yvonne reportedly struck up a conversation in the airport terminal, Janina Yousefian told CNN.BuildPress reports: “We sat great together, later Yvonne and Peter sat next to each other and exchanged numbers.”

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The 38-year-old also reported on the encounter:

“The mood between the two of them was pleasant, you could tell.”

Janina Yousefian

At the same time, Janina Yosefian admits that she is not in Australia and therefore cannot “say one hundred percent what exactly happened there.” Known as the “carpet whore,” Yosefian explains that she isn’t convinced by rumors of an affair between Peter and Yvonne: “Most of them didn’t even know that Yvonne was married. In all honesty, I can’t imagine she had anything to do with Peter.”

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